… Treviso amazes for the sweet beauty of young girls who are seen leaving schools or chosen almost with a race, to serve at the counter of shops or cafes. Their beauty suggests that of flowers and certain fruit, such as peaches and apricots, which, unfortunately, is not lasting except in being handed down, like the species, from one summer to another, for centuries and centuries. In fact, that fourteenth-century painter, Tommaso da Modena, who came here to paint in the churches of Santa Caterina, San Niccolò and Santa Margherita and in composing the life of Sant’Orsola, all the young girls from Treviso of the time, testify to this. freshness…”
(Giovanni Comisso)
“It does not have buildings like Venice, cathedrals like Padua, facades like Vicenza, but the city crossed by the Sile is an oasis where the art of knowing how to live triumphs. Water, wine, sky, quiet, sweetness of seasons mix the flesh of young people and girls who perpetuate, in smile and in speech, a soft and musical dialect, the distant sweetnesses of the Marca Gioiosa. ”
(Cino Boccazzi)