On a hot Monday in August we were tourists in Venice, because every time you can discover new things and the places are never the same as the previous time. As advice you can go by train or by car and this time we chose the car and found a parking near Piazzale Roma at 15 euros for 12 hours. Then we went to Campo Santa Margherita so also to remember the beautiful temples of the university! We continue towards the Accademia bridge, and in Campo san maurizio the visit to the Museum of musical instruments whose entrance is free and you can see period instruments including violins violins cellos violas da gamba but also lyre guitar, mandolins, flutes and a sought after psalter. We continued towards San Marco stopping in the windows of Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana and Armani in Calle Larga XXII Marzo and San Moisè until we came out in Piazza San Marco, taking advantage of the “few” people we also visited the Basilica of San Marco, not all but only from above as it is undergoing restoration after the flood last year. It is magnificent as you can also go out onto the terrace and admire the square from above. The beauty of Venice is that you can get lost without thinking about finding the right path you can walk and see which field you arrive in and so we did by finding the Arsenale and then the playground in the shade of wonderful trees in the gardens. Once we regained our strength we set off again passing through the rialto, the school of San Rocco and the Tolentini, always thinking back to the years of the university!

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