The Architecture Route

“This is well the Marca Trevigiana so fruitful of messengers and artists; these are the hills “exercised by the foot of immortal history”: from up there, where so much blood soaked the clods, the Ezzelino tower still looked, solitary and frowning; further on, under the ivy, the ruins of the castle of Caterina Cornarodove smile, where the beautiful Queen of Cyprus consoled herself from exile and held a court of love; among those almond trees in bloom the dress of Fiammetta and the feather of the touch of Rambaldo still sway; here Bembo thought of his Asolani; down there Giorgione from Castelfranco pinched his sweet Madonnas, and, alongside the past, the present is quivering, with his smokestacks always steaming, with his spinning mills with sleepless spools, with his presses you squeeze the blond wine and the oil of the hills happy with vineyards, silvery olive groves. ”
(Paola Bianchetti Drigo)

“Whoever does not live in large cities, but in small towns has nature, it can be said, outside the front door. I live in one of these places, very lucky because it lies between sweet and rough hills, under high mountains. Backs, slopes, valleys and valleys, fracts, spots and woods, streams and meadows, all within walking distance. Even if nobody takes those two steps anymore. ”
(Tito Spagnol)