Table Tennis Summer Camp Treviso 2020

Ten days of intense training with a legend of the European and world table tennis world Bettine Vriesekoop.

In the second half of August, Treviso will become an international training ground, opening the doors of its “ping pong house” to all those who want to work hard and improve their skills.

From 17 to 21 August and then from 24 to 28 August, the sports centre in Via Paludetti will be hosting its usual Summer Camp organised by the tennis table club of Polisportiva Treviso, offering two 25-hours training sessions (from Monday to Firday with two daily sessions).

The driving force behind the camp is Slovenian coach Matjaž Šercer, who has returned to the Treviso area and upped the pace, while respecting all the precautions imposed by the coronavirus.

This year’s special guest is the legendary Dutch campion Bettine Vriesekoop who will run the two training camps, focusing on concentration, meditation, breathing, motivation, leg work and position at the table.

Bettine – explains Matjaž Šercer – is a legend in the table tennis world and a highly authoritative figure, as she has a lot to teach about every aspect of the sport. I’m thrilled she accepted our offer; this is the firt time weìve done something like this. I’m very keen for us to be more than just a club, but an Academy too, and organise international initiatives, and we will defintely be following thorugh with this in the coming months. It would be great if this event gave Italian table tennis a new direction, bringing it closer to the world of international ping pong: sometimes we are too insulated and playaers don’t get the chance to connect with top athletes, something they need to do in order to aspire the world excellence”.