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Marin Sanudo’s journey

One of the itineraries to be covered on foot, by bicycle, on horseback or with historic cars that the Veneto Region is trying to recover is the same that the young Venetian, Marin Sanudo, traveled between 1483 and 1484 accompanying Venetian officials, including one was his cousin Marco who in 1483 was appointed inquisitor Mayor […]


“It has always been taken for granted that Venice is the ideal city for the honeymoon, but it is a serious mistake. Living in Venice, or simply visiting it, means falling in love with it and in the heart there is no room for anything else. ” (Peggy Guggenheim) Venice is such an extraordinary city […]


… Treviso amazes for the sweet beauty of young girls who are seen leaving schools or chosen almost with a race, to serve at the counter of shops or cafes. Their beauty suggests that of flowers and certain fruit, such as peaches and apricots, which, unfortunately, is not lasting except in being handed down, like […]

The Architecture Route

“This is well the Marca Trevigiana so fruitful of messengers and artists; these are the hills “exercised by the foot of immortal history”: from up there, where so much blood soaked the clods, the Ezzelino tower still looked, solitary and frowning; further on, under the ivy, the ruins of the castle of Caterina Cornarodove smile, […]

Asolo and the Prosecco Route

Asolo, a vague pleasant castle located in the extreme yokes of our Alps above the Trivigiano, and is the Virgin Mary of Cyprus. Surrounded by a very vague and wonderfully beautiful garden. Neither San Giminiano, nor Siena, nor Volterra, took me as alone, who from that day dominated me and made me his slave. ” […]